CPUBoostPro 3.6

Source:Bill Naples

**ROOT REQUIRED** **Overclockable Kernel required**

CPU Boost Pro is a cpu settings app. . You can set cpu speeds and governor. There are different profiles to use and also a widget that displays the current overclock settings.

Please try the free lite version to make sure your phone is overclockable

*Nitrous button widget(I don't always run my phone at the max speed that it can handle but occasionally I need that extra speed burst for an intensive app. The nitrous button widget allows you to set that higher max speed and then just one push of the nitrous button widget from your home screen gives you that extra speed when you need it. Push the button again to go back to your regular max speed. All without needing to open the app.)
*Battery Temp Profile
*Battery Level Profile
*Screen on/off Profile
*Set at boot option(Please test speed settings before setting at boot or phone may not reboot)
*4 widget styles
*Invisible mode(lets you set the speed and close the app using no background resources. Disables all widgets and profiles. Set at boot will still work.

**Thanks to all who have reported back and done testing on multiple devices**

*If you have time to report what devices and roms you have tried with success or failure please send me an email. Thanks*
*Questions and suggestions always welcome*

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